Someone dress like this for Halloween with me. :3
The Transformice servers aren’t working for me :(


I feel like I’m trying to sell something…

Is it just me…

Or are the servers super extra slow tonight?

Every time I try to log in:

User: Iheartxc

Pass: &iut8iarwujas..

Waiting Time is like 10,000 something. When it finally goes down, it asks me to log in again.

The hell.


Trick or Treat?

awh this is cute.
This is our tribe home! Gibbles owns the tribe, but I am the Tribe’s Shaman. ^^ 1901 by Phoenix was playing as I screenprinted this.
Transformice Times: New Mouse House?


Recently, Transformice’s Twitter, Melibellule showed a little sneak preview of a new update coming to Transformice by the end of this week. And it’s going to be HUGE! The picture shows a sofa and a ficus maybe? Well, whatever the plant is, I know it belongs outside or in a mouse hole! ^_^

So, we will have personal mouse holes? I’m guessing that’s the fact! We’ll just have to wait till the end of this week!

~ Transformice Times News Reporter.

Impuredeath: All I can say: Tribe House.




 I wish to play this map.

I don’t really like the new merger of the serves. It creates too much clutter in my KR server :I

So my question to you is, what do you think of the merging of en1, en2, and KR?

So I guess I can’t screen print anything on this computer.

Which sucks.


I think it’d be pretty cool if one of the next hats on Transformice was a beak or something.


I keep losing connection to the server!

Maybe they’re adding yet another hat? :)

Stay Awesome, Gather Cheese.

10 Days!


So for the next ten days we will be getting a new hat a day!

So we’ve got ourselves a slightly disturbing surgical mask and one of dem fuzzy hats. Pretty cheap compared to what we were getting last hat “week.” Eeeee! :D

Enjoy the new accessories! 

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Ask the Shaman.

Cheeeeeese *-*


Is anyone else lagging really badly and losing connection today??? I think they have a huge update, because it’s been quiet and now I’m lagging.

Oh shoot what’s next.

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